About Audrey

I can’t remember a time that I didn’t want to be an artist. As a pre-schooler I was always to be found up in my room quietly drawing and colouring, before quickly progressing onto my first mural aged 9. On pulling back the clothes hanging in my bedroom cupboard, my mum was met face to face by a giant 3ft Garfield the cat painted on my wall!!

My teenage years were spent hanging out in the school art department (regardless of what class I was supposed to be at) and it was there that Mr Alston my wonderful art teacher directed and nurtured my love of art. Studying Illustration at college was a great foundation and helped me refine my skills but as a young naïve graduate passionately producing illustrations trying to make it in the freelance world I soon realised it was going to be more difficult that I thought! But freelancing for a few years and doing community volunteering opened many new doors and ideas of what I could do with my visual arts. Back to studies and on completing my degree in Community Arts whilst working throughout Glasgow with various community groups, my love of creating art in the community had been well and truly set. My passion for mural painting was formed following the completion of two large scale mural commissions in Scotland. Then with London calling (Hackney to be exact) I completed my next large 30ft indoor mural.

Fast forward 10 years and it was then that I found a deep love of mosaic art. By chance I was commissioned to work with a group of refugee girls and the remit was to create a mosaic. After a huge learning curve, lots of YouTube videos and many mistakes I completed the project and found that I had developed a love for this new medium. I threw myself into learning all that I could about this art form. I practised, practised and practised some more, read endless articles, signed up to lots of groups, followed other artists, watched way too many 'how to' videos, practised some more and learned the craft that would go on to be one of the main areas of my teaching work. 6 years on and I feel very blessed to be able to teach this wonderful art form to children, young people and adults in the community. I love being able to share my love of a fantastic medium that is accessible to everyone.