About Audrey

I can’t remember a time that I didn’t want to be an artist. As a pre-schooler I was always to be found up in my room quietly drawing and colouring, before quickly progressing onto my first mural aged 9. On pulling back the clothes hanging in my bedroom cupboard, my mum was met face to face by a giant 3ft Garfield the cat painted on my wall!!

My teenage years were spent hanging out in the school art department (regardless of what class I was supposed to be in) and it was there that Mr Alston my wonderful art teacher directed and nurtured my love of art. Studying Art and Design then Illustration was a great foundation to my art career and helped me refine my skills as an artist, but as a naïve graduate passionately producing illustrations trying to make it in the freelance world I soon realised it was going to be more difficult that I thought! But freelancing for a few years whilst volunteering in the community opened many new doors and ideas of what I could do with my visual arts. I went on to complete a degree in Community Arts whilst continuing to work with community groups and this is where my love of creating art in the community became well and truly set. My passion for mural painting was formed following the completion of two large scale mural commissions in Scotland. Then with London calling (Hackney to be exact) I completed my next large 30 metre indoor mural at a special needs adventure playground.

In 2007 I went part time from my job in Children's Service and Safeguarding to give more time to my community art projects. Over the past 10 years as Montet Designs has grown and evolved and now specialise is murals and mosaics and it's great to be able to have this as my full time job! Working as a Community Artist has given me the most fantastic opportunites to work with amazing people from such a variety of communities and I feel so blessed to have been given the opportunity to work with young people and adults from every walk of life. My passion for visual art and the communities that I can share this with burns strong and I hope that even if it's just in some small way, I am able to make a difference to the lives of those that I work with through the medium of visual art.